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Please note THIS WEBSITE IS IN TESTING PHASE and it is not fully functional yet; we apologize for the misunderstanding this may cause. We will start in business shortly. For the release date, put your email here:
and we will add you to the premier list.

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Insert in the text field below the URL (link) of the product for which you want to receive the rebate. We suggest you to copy and paste the URL from the store's website. Valid stores are mentioned at the end in this page.

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Note: If you have no idea how to save money using Rebate Ninja, perhaps you should take a look at this short video.

How the Ninja works

In a nutshell, our purpose is to give you money in the everyday shopping. We partnership with several stores and they give us some money back for every sell we assist. We take a tiny portion to keep the business running and we send the rest to you: its original owner.

How to use RebateNinja in 3 easy steps?
Install and buyFind and Paste Shop OnlineShop Online Get PaidGet paid
Find and Paste Shop Online Get paid
Locate the item you want and paste the URL above in this page Follow the link we will give you and shop online as usual Sign in, go to the payments page and cash your money

We know you may have many questions. Check the list of Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us and we will reply to you promptly.

Stores in partnership with us

Amazon Endless Amazon Wireless Amazon Supply
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