What is Div?

Div is a PHP Template Engine with compact and descriptive syntax. All their implementation is a single class in one file. Div is a content presentation framework for developers and designers.

New release 4.4

The translator was improved. A new feature was added: Multi template sources (based on include_path PHP setting).

New release 4.3: new features, bugfixs and integrations

Improvement of the parser of template's vars: If the value is not valid JSON, it will be considered as a template and will be parsed before decoding. Improvement of the variables's scope. Improvement of template's variables assignment. Improvement of relative include/preprocessed templates. Improvement of parser and bugs fixes: if foo not existed, widget waits forever. Improvement of detection of infinite loops in recursive replacements. Integration with Google Chrome/Console and Mozilla Firefox/Firebug plugins: now the engine's messages will be appear in this browsers's features.


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Draw a table with list of products. Each product have two properties: name and price. The price is represented with 2 decimals and each odd row have a gray background.